I’m v. proud of this tweet

I’m v. proud of this tweet

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Q: Summarize Karl Marx’s arguments against capitalism.
A: Comunizm

Yesterday at work I was ushering and started to get pretty giggle-prone and silly. 

I was talking to the vendors and they kept joking that I was high (I wasn’t) and one co worker was like "Did you hit it hard this morning, Chris?" And I just kinda giggled 

And the other was like “He must have been poppin’ something” and then I said, straining not to laugh more, 

"I’m not hittin’ or poppin’, I’m just cleanin’ and walkin" and then couldn’t contain my giggles so I walked away to start cleaning theater nine. 

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community meme seven characters [4/7] - Troy Barnes

Did you know that you possess the greatest gift that life can give: the heart of a hero?

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"…military intelligence…”

Terror of the Autons - season 08 - 1971

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I just realized that both Kieron Gillen and Karen Gillan are associated with Marvel now

I wonder if they’ve met 

They should co-write something 

Upcoming graphic novel written by Kieron Gillen and Karen Gillan, art by John Bryne 

One thing I learned while cleaning theaters yesterday is that there is apparently a suprisingly good cover of Today by the Smashing Pumpkins within the last ten minutes of If I Stay