Mephisto print by P. Craig Russell, published by First Team Press, Inc., 1987.


Mephisto print by P. Craig Russell, published by First Team Press, Inc., 1987.

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When people say science fiction used to be so optimistic I feel like what they’re actually saying is that Star Trek used to be so optimistic? 

I’ve watched a lot of science fiction from lots of decades and it seems to lack optimism throughout pretty much all of them. There’s almost always social commentary and fears and anxiety and stuff. 

And it’s been thick with dystopia and horror pretty consistently, too  

"Science fiction as a genre doesn’t really claim to predict the future. Rather, it works by extrapolating from elements of our actual world. It takes trends and tendencies that are already at work in the world around us, and imagines what might happen if these trends and tendencies were able to develop to the utmost, and to unfold their full potential. We might say that science fiction presents us with a world that “real, but not actual” – which is Gilles Deleuze’s definition of what he calls the virtual. Instead of telling us what the future will actually be like – something that is impossible to do, for the future always surprises us – science fiction portrays and develops those elements of potentiality, or indeed of futurity, that already exist in the present moment. It takes the implicit and makes it explicit; it unrolls and reveals that which exists in a cryptic and undeveloped form."

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come with me

and you’ll be

in a world

of image

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nice that I see another person who works at a theater, though I’m just bar staff

Solidarity! =]

Oooh bar staff interesting

Our theater doesn’t have a bar staff yet but it will after the renovations are done. A lot of the customers coming in are either really excited or really scared about how we’ll be selling beer and wine coolers soon 

The theater I work at is going through renovations right now and like, the ceiling is gone and the wiring and all metal thingies are clearly visible. Also half the concession stand is gone because they’re building the new one behind the current one and stuff. 

So anyway

Little kid with his mom today notices all this, and as I finish giving change the kid goes “Why is this place dying!?” 

First I smiled and laughed because it was super cute, and then I wound up saying “Well, it’s actually kind of in the process of being reborn.” 

He didn’t get it but it made the mom laugh. 

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(“Into Shamballa”, J. M. DeMatteis, Dan Green)


(“Into Shamballa”, J. M. DeMatteis, Dan Green)